CHRYMO I.T. (Information Technology)  & Web Consulting allows you to invite our specialists to give you input on your Company or Business needs in terms of IT, the internet, Computers, Design on a steady and consultancy basis. We can also prepare for you lectures, seminars and forums wherein you can train your employees from as simple as learning how to use a computer effectively to more advanced topics like programming.

We also cover topics in design, photography, typography and general layout and presentation. Our Web Consultation can be hired with packages that includes our in-house team if you need 3rd-Party providers for IT department needs, troubleshooting and general contract-based endeavors. Not limited to these topics alone, we can tailor-fit any kind of topic and service for you. For example, you need a consultancy and in-house staff for producing your annual report, video presentations, brochures and other design and marketing requirements. We can even partner up with a printing agency if you need magazine productions and other advertising campaigns.

Let us talk to you face-to-face so we can explain further what CHRYMO can offer for you. We will make sure you will get your money’s worth and we will do the Best we can for your satisfaction.

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