CHRYMO Logo and Branding is a premium service where we develop your company, brand and products identity for you. Depending on your package, you will be presented with different drafts and mock-ups based on a concept that you as our client provide.

We specialize in making your brand translate for you the whole meaning and representation of your company the way the “Check Mark” does for “Nike” or the “Three Stripes” does for “Adidas”. Your logo will represent the profile of your company, business and product, from your letterheads, stamps, stationary and even company masthead and can even but put on your employees uniforms and I.D.

We have a questionnaire you can fill-up to help you decide on the look you aim for and that we can ultimately base our interpretation for you using this questionnaire.

We simply do not just draw for you aimlessly, we will brainstorm the best representation for you, delivered in industry standard file formats so that you can use your Logo File for fabric printing, vinyls, engraving, metal stamping and other media without hassle. Your Logo File (unless explicitly stated) will be scalable, meaning one file copy can be printed as small as this dot “.” or as big as your hearts desire.

We can do anything that requires “Graphic Design” for you, like T-Shirt Design, Standees Design, Poster Design, Advertising Flyers and other printing needs. CHRYMO partners up with printing firms to best fit your budget and quality needs.

Let us talk to you face-to-face so we can explain further what CHRYMO can offer for you. We will make sure you will get your money’s worth and we will do the Best we can for your satisfaction.

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*Quotes are Subject to Change and is not Fixed for a Particular Demographic or any Geographic Location (Anti-Trust Compliance).
We posted Quotes in United States Dollars for a world-wide acceptability of Currency.
We are not limited to servicing people in just one particular nation.
CHRYMO is an International Service, We can render our Services to Anyone and Anywhere.


Logo & Branding List Pages, We have made thousands of Logo, so if you need more examples of what we can do for you please indicate on your message body when contacting CHRYMO