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Most Hopeful Treps(entrepreneurs) have a really nice idea for a business but don’t really know where to start. Once they do start however, they sometimes lose steam and don’t know what to do next. They have a clear and concise idea of owning and starting their own business, but just don’t know what to do next to sort of “Keep The Flames Burning”. The main appeal of starting up your own business is being able to be your own boss, which is easier said than done; but once you are successful and have reached your goals, it is rewarding. You get to choose your own time to work and to play, and you spend most of your time and effort knowing that you are doing something that grows and which you can nurture that you actually own.

You already have spent a lot of time building your Business Plan, you have done the necessary market research, targeted your niche and have your SWOT ready. Then you have found a source for your funding, may it be your own savings, retirement, 401K or awarded by angel investors and venture capitalist. You have already chosen what business to venture to, and when you are almost there ready to hit it up and go full steam ahead, you get cold feet and you can’t find the reasons that made you decide to start the business in the first place.

CHRYMO is here to help you get motivated, make you refreshed by using your creative side as an outlet that will help your business idea move forward. We will ask the questions you need to improve and we will adjust to your needs and budget so that you don’t have to break the bank to get the best help in developing your brand, product and business. But let me ask you the first three most important questions I start off with:

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Basta ONeill’s Website and Creatives

16 August 2012 Categories: CHRYMO News, The Blog, Web Design, Web Development

During our first stint in the Web Design arena, one of the Top Ten Designs CHRYMO ever did was for Basta ONeill’s. It is one of the quickest, streamlined and ahead of it’s time coding execution we made for a site all in HTML/CSS. It has serve the purpose of the Basta ONeill’s business and remains still in tune with the times design-wise. This was made a few years ago, but the look and feel of the site still remains fresh and sleek.

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WorldTV Logo/Branding

16 August 2012 Categories: CHRYMO News, General, Graphic, Layout Design, Logo & Branding Design, The Blog

One of the first Logo’s ever designed by CHRYMO was for WorldTV. At that time, Chris was honing his craft in the freelance arena and this was his first Ever Logo Designed for an up and coming Social Video site. The Logo interpretation is quite literal with the symbol being represented directly as “Globe” for the World and an actual Television Box with Bunny Ears to represent “T.V.”

The added depth to the look was achieved by adding a cartoon 3D style to the main texts and executing the globe with the same cartoon gist to balance out the serious but fun aspects of social media and video sharing.

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Well-Designed, Functional and User-Friendly Websites

01 July 2012 Categories: The Blog, Web Design, Web Development

CHRYMO started off on designing websites with only graphics and no coding, then later evolved on to developing together with design allowing us to customize everything to the clients hearts content. We always make sure that we grow your website to it’s best potential. Helping our clients and customers succeed, helps CHRYMO’s succeed as well.

We don’t sacrifice the sites performance by short-changing our clients with “special offers” and “discounts” since we are already competitively priced for the excellent service we offer. We will make sure you get the best of what your available budget allows, without sacrificing quality and performance. We will suggest third-party applications and other methods not affecting quality of work and services delivered so our clients and customers can save some money and have a wonderfully built website without breaking the bank.

We will post some of our Latest Web Design and Development work here, but in the mean time, we will fill the earlier posts with the Websites we have created before. Not only that, we will put a short summary on each website of how we came up with it and what our recommendations were when we were developing and designing it for our beloved clients!

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Logo & Branding Services of CHRYMO

01 July 2012 Categories: Logo & Branding Design, The Blog

Chris Montano has spent the last 6 years mastering the craft of Logo & Branding. Chris has studied colors and it’s effects, visual placement and layout, and overall feel of what a company wants to convey to their customers. We pride ourselves of having developed logos for Top Brands; designs and concepts so good that some of them we can’t display on our Site as Our clients always bought the Ownership Rights from us so they can claim to have developed them “in-house”.

We deliver in industry standard formats on request, We will make sure your Logo & Branding will translate well in single-color, gray-scale and on any media like on wood carvings, embossed on steel, as 3D representation, fabric, patches and whatnot. We will show you mock-ups on how it will look for your usage at your request.

We will post some of our Latest Logo and Branding work here, but in the mean time, we will fill the earlier posts with the Logos and Brands we have developed long ago. Not only that, we will put a short summary on each Logo of how we came up with it and what our interpretation for it when we were developing it for our beloved clients!

Logo Design

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CHRYMO Ready For You!

30 June 2012 Categories: CHRYMO News, The Blog

For the last 6 or So Years, CHRYMO’s website was never really updated after it was made public. This was because we were busy with updating and working on the Success of the clients rather than concentrating on our own site. At present, CHRYMO has managed to be able to efficiently handle the clients, learned effective time-management, and being conscious enough to let the Clients Know that CHRYMO is always there, updated and ready to roll!

We will continue to let you guys get involved on the day to day dealings of CHRYMO and even on the personal stuff and interests of the founder Chris Montano. So we will start off our first post in the blog about CHRYMO’s refocus on getting in more updates, information and content to whet your appetite!


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