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Chris Montano

Chris Montano is the founder of CHRYMO designs. Chris took up Electronics and Communications Engineering in college and spent the first year of his professional life designing cellular systems and appraising Mobile Cellular sites back when there were limited number of cellular sites available. After the quick stint to gain some experience, He has spent his time working on Computer Shops setting up Local Network, Server Maintenance, Data Collection and Processing.

Chris was then hired to teach at a Local University teaching Computer subjects like I.T., Productivity and Office Software, HTML, basic networking, web design, Programming and other related topics. He taught at the University for 2 years teaching Secondary and College Students.

Concurrently Chris was also hired by Ideas Innovations LLC of Texas as a Senior Lead and Consultant. Then the 2nd Internet Bubble burst, He was tasked to retain and work for Ideas Innovations clients privately while the parent company filed for bankruptcy. This became Chris’ first stint in the Web Services arena when he was left to work for the Company’s clients when the Company itself does not exist anymore.

During this time, Chris became a freelancer. Working for several firms as a private provider. He became a logo and branding expert working for top companies such as Shaker’s, Gary Fong and other companies where Chris was obligated to sign a release contract thus not allowing him to display or mention the work he has done for this Fortune 500 companies. He spent 3 years in the Freelance Arena.

As a freelancer, Chris uses the usernames: “chrymo”, “designer”, “killerdesign” and “Master Designer”. There are a few more handles Chris uses, but these are the latest ones.

As a perennial multitasker, Chris simultaneously at this time also performed as a consultant for a Non-Profit Organization and a Human Resources Agency. Also functioning as a third-party I.T. Consultant for a City Government. Chris was also hired to lead in pushing this same City for an image makeover campaign, design, marketing and repackaging of the main focus of the City’s Identity in cooperation with other local government offices.

After this, Chris was again hired by an Internet Company as a Full-time Senior Lead Designer & Developer. This internet Company Started the programs JobCrusher and later introduced more programs like LittleCashrobots. He worked under one of the best mentors and Sales & Marketing People online, Eric Louviere. He worked under Eric Louviere’s Company for Five Years.

The main Reason why this site was unavailable for the last 5 years is because he was hired full-time to help launch the products and projects of Eric Louviere. Eric has now finished most of his projects and allowed Chris to be available for everyone else. So don’t hesitate to visit our Contact Page to get a hold of Chris and let him know what he can do for you.

Chris is focusing on the local scene, considering that for the past 8 years, 80% of Chris experience and clients are from companies and start-ups located around the world. Chris is aggressively looking to partner and work with local firms, businesses and companies to empower them and have them gain the same advantages these international companies experience with the services Chris Montano provides through CHRYMO Designs.

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Read Chris’ Curriculum Vitae Here. (Last Updated in 2010, Also only 25% of Notable Work is Listed there, More Samples Available On Request).