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Most Hopeful Treps(entrepreneurs) have a really nice idea for a business but don’t really know where to start. Once they do start however, they sometimes lose steam and don’t know what to do next. They have a clear and concise idea of owning and starting their own business, but just don’t know what to do next to sort of “Keep The Flames Burning”. The main appeal of starting up your own business is being able to be your own boss, which is easier said than done; but once you are successful and have reached your goals, it is rewarding. You get to choose your own time to work and to play, and you spend most of your time and effort knowing that you are doing something that grows and which you can nurture that you actually own.

You already have spent a lot of time building your Business Plan, you have done the necessary market research, targeted your niche and have your SWOT ready. Then you have found a source for your funding, may it be your own savings, retirement, 401K or awarded by angel investors and venture capitalist. You have already chosen what business to venture to, and when you are almost there ready to hit it up and go full steam ahead, you get cold feet and you can’t find the reasons that made you decide to start the business in the first place.

CHRYMO is here to help you get motivated, make you refreshed by using your creative side as an outlet that will help your business idea move forward. We will ask the questions you need to improve and we will adjust to your needs and budget so that you don’t have to break the bank to get the best help in developing your brand, product and business. But let me ask you the first three most important questions I start off with:

1. Does your business have an Identity?
2. Have you explored the Branding and Aesthetic appeal of your business?
3. Have your thought about Marketing Your Brand and thus what to represent your Marketing campaign with?

If you haven’t, then let us help you with that. If you have, good for you, let us move forward and identify what else you need to do to get noticed. Remember that 90% of the fight is in marketing, advertising and placement. Thus your aesthetic appeal and face of your business is the most important part after you identified what your business is all about. We want to let you know that you have come to the right place to move forward. Let’s create your branding and identity for you.

CHRYMO has more than 6-years of experience developing brands and re-exploring the marketing campaign of these brands. We have studied the effect of colors, placement and layout that best invokes the response you need from your target customers and demographics. We have a formal knowledge of Human Psychology in terms of colors, layout and visual appeal. The theories alone does not really prove much, except that our experience helps us decide what would be best for your business, but of course, we need your input as well in developing your Brand. It’s Yours first and foremost, remember that we are only here to help you realize it!

One Example of a Franchise Owner wanting our help to develop their brand is American IceScramble. The Owners are located somewhere exotic and their chosen product name doesn’t really appeal to the locals at first. They used “American” to signify the quality of their product and that’s just it, and hope the local market responds. So in order for us to translate their identity we applied the concept of of being an “American Product” to the look of their standees, packaging, cup designs and presentation. With their limited budget, we managed to give them a package where they will have all the materials they need for printing, while also having their own single web landing page containing all the franchising information for easy marketing and information dissemination. See American IceScramble Franchise

Contact CHRYMO now to explore your Business Identity and on Anything we can help you with to move your business forward.

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