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01 July 2012 Categories: Logo & Branding Design, The Blog

Chris Montano has spent the last 6 years mastering the craft of Logo & Branding. Chris has studied colors and it’s effects, visual placement and layout, and overall feel of what a company wants to convey to their customers. We pride ourselves of having developed logos for Top Brands; designs and concepts so good that some of them we can’t display on our Site as Our clients always bought the Ownership Rights from us so they can claim to have developed them “in-house”.

We deliver in industry standard formats on request, We will make sure your Logo & Branding will translate well in single-color, gray-scale and on any media like on wood carvings, embossed on steel, as 3D representation, fabric, patches and whatnot. We will show you mock-ups on how it will look for your usage at your request.

We will post some of our Latest Logo and Branding work here, but in the mean time, we will fill the earlier posts with the Logos and Brands we have developed long ago. Not only that, we will put a short summary on each Logo of how we came up with it and what our interpretation for it when we were developing it for our beloved clients!

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